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      來源:http://m.shguoaokeji.com 發布人:創始人 日期:2024-01-29


      Job hopping before the New Year:


      Firstly, changing jobs before the new year means giving oneself a small vacation without worrying about work or occasional phone calls from superiors, and enjoying the vacation with peace of mind.


      The reasons for job hopping are simply: poor communication with colleagues or leaders, and unsatisfactory salary. Salary is a crucial factor. The competition pressure for finding a job before the new year is relatively lower compared to after. Some companies, in order to cope with the peak of resignations after the new year, hire people in advance. This is your opportunity. Once the salary is negotiated before the new year, you can go to work directly after the new year, saving a lot of time.



      Another thing is, arriving at the new company in advance can help you familiarize yourself with the environment and give yourself a buffer period, because arriving at the new company after the New Year may be very busy and may not reserve enough time for you to learn. In addition, if you would rather go to a new company than receive a year-end bonus, the leaders will also value you and believe that you value the company. All of these are the benefits of changing jobs before the new year, but of course, resigning before the new year also involves facing some issues.


      Disadvantage: As mentioned earlier, resigning before the new year will result in no year-end bonus. If you do a good job, resigning at this time will be very detrimental. However, if the labor contract and company rules and regulations do not provide clear provisions for the year-end bonus, according to the principle of equal pay for equal work, labor dispute arbitration institutions or courts generally support departing employees to receive a certain proportion of the year-end bonus.


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      At this point, the recruiting company may not have many good positions, and many companies are preparing annual summaries, meetings, and so on by the end of the year, without paying too much attention to recruitment needs.


      Job hopping after the new year:


      Li: People often say "gold, silver, and four", which refers to the months of March and April after the new year. This is a time when there is a high demand for talent in enterprises, and it is also a peak period for recruitment. Many good jobs are waiting for you, and there are many opportunities.


      Resigning after the new year means receiving year-end bonuses. Some generous companies offer a lot of year-end bonuses.


      In order to attract talents, companies usually offer attractive salary and benefits.




      Cons: There may be significant changes when resigning after the Chinese New Year. Many people plan to resign before the new year, but when it comes to the new year, they start to hesitate and start a new round of entanglement, which is also very detrimental to personal development.


      Although there are more opportunities, there are also more people looking for jobs at this time, and the competition pressure will be greater. At this time, it is not you who choose a job, but the company has chosen the best among multiple people to be admitted.


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